We are committed to ensuring that Ukrainian children - whether refugees, those who have been internally displaced, or those experiencing school closures at home - have access to quality, inclusive and culturally appropriate learning opportunities.

The Ukraine iLP, sponsored by Save the Children, directly supports the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science’s Digital Transformation Strategy, using technology to minimise learning disruption for Ukrainian children.

The project will run from April 2022 until at least January 2023 and is being implemented by Save the Children International, Save the Children Australia, Inclusiv Education and Library For All, together with local partners. The project is using educational technology to help Ukrainian children continue to learn and receive the social emotional support, as well as helping parents and  education professionals to support them.

Save the Children International is establishing at least 100 Digital Learning Centres in Western Ukraine to support children to continue learning with curriculum resources from the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science. Local partners will support children through the centres by providing access to social-emotional learning and mental health support and resources.

The response aims to support 1 million Ukrainian children to access distance learning opportunities. It will help over  caregivers to support their children to continue their education, as well as supporting  Ukrainian education professionals with training and access to income generation opportunities.  

Library for All have established a presence in Poland to produce and distribute 200 ‘Spark Kits’ containing books for Ukrainian children.  These digital classroom kits each contain 40 tablets loaded with royalty free, digital books designed to support learning and psychosocial recovery for children aged 4 to 10. The books are provided in Ukrainian and English and will be delivered via Digital Learning Centres in Western Ukraine. The books will also be freely available on the Library For All app, which can be downloaded via the Google Play store and on the Apple store.

Inclusiv Education will provide an online learning platform for Ukrainian education professionals and parents to assist them in dealing with the challenges of distance learning for children during this difficult time. This training will be based on the needs and demand from peer communities of parents and caregivers, teachers. It will be accessible in Ukrainian, English and Polish via the Digital Learning Centres or remotely from any location via an app and a built-for-purpose online learning management system, the ILP.

A key element of the Inclusiv Education work will be to support the development of peer learning communities. Initially, these communities will be facilitated to inform the development of the training (eg. what topics are chosen) but ultimately will become semi-structured, self-governed online communities that support themselves. This online community activity will drive sustainability of the project results.

Last modified: Saturday, 3 December 2022, 7:24 AM