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Child safety - Report a problem
  • Report a Child Safeguarding Problem - see details below for email contacts or the Ukrainian Government Hotline to report any child safeguarding problems. 

Save the Children Safeguarding Focal Points: 

Nataliia Hodunova (National CSG and Adults safeguarding focal point)

Phone: + 380503267906; + 380995274424

Mubarak Maman (Regional Child Safeguarding Director)


Ukraine Hotlines on prevention and counteraction to domestic violence / violence against children operating in Ukraine (all calls are free):

15-47 - Government hotline for victims of domestic violence

116-123 (from mobile); 0 800 500 335 - National hotline for the prevention of domestic violence, human trafficking and gender discrimination:

116 111 (from mobile); 0 800 500 225 - National hotline for children and youth;

0 800 213 103 - Hotline for free legal assistance services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Users who register should receive a registration email with log in details. If not, please go to the next section Accessing log in details.

To LOG IN enter the username and password! Any courses allocated to that username will be listed on the Dashboard. 

Log in details will be sent in an email as soon as a user registers for access.

If no email arrives confirming this registration, it's important to check the spam folder. First time users will be asked to change the password from what was provided in the email. This username and password should be kept somewhere safe for future reference.

If the email with username and password are still not received please contact the Help Desk at .

The LOG IN button in the top right corner, or the link to Reset your password in the bottom left corner will give access to the following link: Forgot your username or password?

Select that link and use Search by Email Address, typing in the email used to register for the account. This should generate an email with instructions on how to reset a password.

If no email arrives, check the spam folder.

If there is no email in the spam folder either please contact the Help Desk at .

Once logged in the Dashboard will provide an overview of all the courses enrolled in, and the user's progress once study has begun. To return to the dashboard, look for a link in the top left navigation bar.

For each training program successfully completed a Certificate of Completion will be provided. The program might be a single course, or a series of short units for DLC Facilitators, Parents and Caregivers or Teachers. 

Users who complete a program can see and download these certificates by clicking on the circle in the top right corner  (This circle might be a different colour or pattern)

This circle opens up a menu which allows the user to access tools to change profile and preference settings, access certificates, and log out.

Certificates will also be sent by email. If a certificate is not generated, check that the quiz in the unit has been completed. The quiz must be 80% correct to be successful. 

Click on the circle in the top right corner  

 Select the first icon - Profile.

Scroll down to the box with the heading User details and select  the button Edit profile. Make changes if needed, then scroll down to Update profile and click it. Your changes will be saved.

Click on the circle in the top right corner

Select - Log out.

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